Not going to pretend: This post has a completely self-serving agenda.  I am curious how others in the class are describing the skills they have learned in this course in their resume/cover letters (if at all).   I have heard that some people describe some of their LIS coursework on their resume but it doesn’t seem to be standard practice at all.  I currently have “image indexing projecting” as a bullet point under my Skills on my resume.  Other than that I didn’t really get into anything else.  I imagine if people are applying to metadata specialist positions then of course you want to somehow show that you have some experience with this stuff.  I am mostly applying to instruction and reference librarian positions but I want to point out that I am familiar with this topic…any thoughts on what I should and shouldn’t do with this?

Side question: Any thoughts on how I can stay current with this topic while I’m on the job search?  Of course read journals (the open access ones I can get my hands on at least).  Are there any crowdsourcing metadata projects I should know about?